The TJHS Lasso Alumni Association, Inc. (“LAA”) was formed in January 1, 2007 with the express purpose of supporting the Thomas Jefferson High School Lasso organization (“Lassos”). In the fall of 2006, alums discovered that only ten students were currently in the Lasso organization! The TJHS Lasso Alumni Association, Inc. incorporated as a Texas non-profit organization in 2007 and received a 501c(3) status by the IRS in 2008.

Due to the support of the LAA, the Lassos membership rose to 35 for the school year 2010-11 and the potential to increase in numbers is greater every year. Since 2006, the Lasso Alumni Association provided support to the Lassos as follows: traditional uniforms, which the LAA owns and maintains; mentoring; roping instruction; help with summer camp; and a scholarship program which began in 2010. The LAA not only strives to preserve the tradition of the Lassos, but to make a difference in young women’s lives by helping them become leaders in the school as part of a service and performance group.

The LAA has also hosted events to not only raise funds for the Lassos, but to foster relationships with Lasso Alums. Making a connection with the girl who you marched, roped or high kicked next to many years ago has been a great experience for many alums.

The LAA hopes that you will join as a Lasso alumni or associate member. Membership dues can be paid online or by mail or in person at events. Donations or any denomination are greatly appreciated and are used exclusively for the Lassos, with the exception of minor costs of operations. The Board of Directors and other volunteers contribute their time and talents for the preservation and support of Lassos. We would be thrilled for you to participate in any way with the LAA.

Please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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Lasso Alumni Association

PO BOX 690184
San Antonio, TX 78269