A beautiful way to honor and celebrate anyone in your life or someone that has passed, is to make a donation to the TJHS Lasso Alumni Association.  A donation supports the current Lassos and recognizes the events of one’s life or the passing of a life.  Please consider making a gift today.

Dearly Departed Lasso Alumni

Anita Katherine Henkel Mester - Class of 1971
Shelly Sheldon Bromley - Class of 1976

Milissa Epstein - Class of 1994
Shirley Hernandez-Gusman - Class of 1976
Sister Rose Annelle McClung - Class of 1942
Alice Nunns Farrar - Class of 1969
Rosemary Cavazos Rodriguez - Class of 1969
Mary Eanes Brophy Garven - Class of 1940 (First Drum & Bugle Corps Major 1938-39)
Jackie Jakeman Busch - Class of 1967
Linda Guzzardo - Class of 1967
Sandy Sauer - Class of 1967
Connie Coker Dailey - Class of 1967
Zane Goerges Naukam - Class of 1967
Edythe Kaye Gonzales - Class of 1967
Nancy Langley - Class of 1967
Evalyn Traylor Wilkinson - Class of 1967
Louise Smyth Stewart - Class of 1943
Helen Louise Nelson - Class of 1948
Melaine Murray - Class of 1961
Mary Love Ransier - Class of 1932
Ethel Poliakoff Block – Class of 1942

(Please send the names and information of Lasso Alumni who have passed on to:


Edith Glasberg Reed
In memory of Lasso Edith Glasberg Reed, Class of 1942. Memorial contribution made by Shirley Wills Carroll.

Melaine Murray
In memory of Lasso Melaine Murray, Class of 1961. Memorial contribution made by the Lasso Alumni Association Board.

Beatrice Molina
In memory of Beatrice Molina, Memorial contribution made by Pat Moss.

E. Caldwell Smith
In memory of E. Caldwell Smith, father of two Lassos, Becky Smith Vitola and Beth Smith. Memorial contribution made by Pat Moss.

Beatrice Molina
In memory of Beatrice Molina, mother of three Lassos, Belinda, Evelyn and Rita and grandmother of Lasso Jennifer. Memorial contribution made by Belinda Molina.


Donation made by the Murrah Family in honor of Lassos:

Judy Olafson Murrah
Judy Murrah Stewart
Suzanne Olafson Cude
(If you wish to remember a loved one by making a memorial gift, we will post your memorial on this page. Contact us at: