From Our President

My sister, Susan Craft Chessher, was a Lasso in 1967 and I could not wait to become a Lasso! That dream came true in 1973. I have such fond memories of performing at the football and basketball half times, marching in the Fiesta parade, practicing my roping skills on the driveway at home and attending summer camp at University of Texas and staying in a dorm. It was such an honor to wear the classic Lasso uniform and being a part of such a respectful group of young girls. I remember walking down the halls at Jefferson with such pride! Lassos taught me how to be responsible, dependable and respectful to everyone.

When you are young, you don’t realize some of the sacrifices our parents made so we could be in the Lassos. During that time most of our moms did not work, so I am sure they had to make some adjustments to their finances so we could become a Lasso. Today, the financial struggle is even more than when I was in school.

I have been on the Lasso Alumni Board since 2010 and have reunited with some of my Lasso friends, plus I have made new friends with alums from the different class years.

Our board members are some of the hardest working ladies that I have ever known and worked with. For example, we have a couple of board members who dedicate their time to work with the girls on their roping skills and we attend some of the football games to watch the Lassos perform.

We all agree, that the Lassos must continue to wear the traditional uniform. In 2015, SAISD started paying for the traditional Lasso uniform. The Lasso Alumni Association continues to assist the girls by paying for their competition fees and outfits, summer camp expenses, assisting with financial aid, and awarding college scholarships to graduating seniors. I am proud to say that to date, we have awarded $24,700 in college scholarships!

Our mission is to help every girl who wishes to be a Lasso to participate regardless of income, and it is our mission to continue to make that happen. You can continue to help by becoming a member or renewing your membership, attending our fund raisers, making donations and volunteering to help throughout the year.

With your help, we will keep the Lasso tradition alive.


Nancy Craft Andry

Nancy Craft Andry
TJHS Class of 1974

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