From Our President

I started at Jefferson High School in the fall of 1973 as a sophomore and knew immediately I wanted to be a Lasso.  I loved to dance and wanted to be a part of Lassos because they represented respect and service.  Lassos is what made my time at Jefferson such a special experience.  I made life long friends and learned responsibility and to strive for success.

At the end of my sophomore year, I told my parents I wanted to try out for Lassos.  At that time, my parents were helping to support my two older brothers, one through law school and the other in graduate school.  Sadly, my parents informed me they could not afford for me to be a Lasso my junior year, but promised they would support me my senior year.  I was upset but understood the financial hardships of our family.  My father was already working a second job and my mother also entered the workforce.  I knew they were doing the best they could.  I patiently waited, worked hard practicing my roping and became a Lasso my senior year.  I also had a younger sister who was a Lariat at the same time.  I purchased a used uniform and sold it back after the year was over.  I can honestly say I understand the financial hardships many of our current students face.

I joined the board in 2010 because I wanted to help make every girl’s dream of being a Lasso a reality.  I have enjoyed making new friends of Lassos from different classes and have been amazed how dedicated everyone has been in keeping our traditions alive.

We all agree that the Lassos must continue to wear the traditional uniform.  In 2015, SAISD started paying for the traditional Lasso uniform. The Lasso Alumni Association continues to assist the girls by paying for their competition fees and outfits, summer camp expenses, assisting with financial aid, and awarding college scholarship to graduating seniors.  I am proud to say that to date, we have awarded $39,500 in college scholarships!

Our mission is to help every girl who wishes to be a Lasso to participate regardless of income, and it is our mission to continue to make that happen.  You can continue to help by becoming a member, renewing your membership, attending our fundraisers, making donations and volunteering to help throughout the year.

Theresa Mazuca-Garcia

Theresa Mazuca-Garcia
TJHS Class of 1976

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