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“The Lasso Legacy—Then and Now | More than Roping” is here! The TJHS Lasso Alumni Association (LAA) researched, wrote, and published the 200+ page book to capture the rich history of our unique service, spirit and performance organization, to recognize the individuals who founded the group, and to record our many achievements and traditions. We wanted to capture the Lasso experience because it has meant so much to so many young women.

Founded as part of Thomas Jefferson High School in fall 1932, the Lassos remain one of the country’s most historic pep squads and to our knowledge, one of the only pep squads that performs roping tricks. Times change, the neighborhood changes and the school changes, but the valuable lessons learned from the Lasso experience remain the same and last a lifetime. From the beginning, Lassos represented the best young women in the school, and the program instilled in them the importance of tradition, responsibility, and leadership.

The book chronicles the beginnings of the group with a chapter on founder Constance Douglas Reeves, who so embodied the cowgirl spirit that the New York Times published her obituary in 2003 when she died at age 101. A chapter is also dedicated to Jack Long, a Jefferson graduate and nationally renowned trick roper who taught the Lassos. He was instrumental in keeping the roping tradition alive throughout the years. His daughter, Patsy Long, has been a member of the board of the Lasso Alumni Association.

In addition to many never-before-seen photos, the book captures such historic milestones as the trip to the World’s Fair in New York City in 1939 and the goodwill trip to Mexico in 1952. It also captures the Lasso organization through the decades with photos and commentary.

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