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2022 is a milestone year for the Lassos. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Lassos.

I was proud to be a Lasso and graduated in the class of 1975. I have many fond memories of that time and remained friends through the years with my fellow Lassos.

Constance Douglass was the founder of the Lassos and had a vision for the organization. Many things about the Lassos have remained consistent through the years. The distinctive uniform is much the same as the original, only going through minor changes. Probably the most significant is the skirt length. Constance had the vision for roping skills and that has remained a tradition. Thousands of girls have been Lassos over the 90 years. It is not uncommon to meet someone in San Antonio who was either a Lasso or had a relative who was a Lasso.

I am not sure I appreciated the history of the organization during my Lasso years. All the same, I remember the excitement of performing at football games and cheering on our Mighty Mustangs from the stands. All those early morning practice sessions were worth Friday night performances. In my class, we had 100 Lassos on the field performing with the band.

I joined the LAA in 2017 and have been delighted to work with fellow alumni in support of the current Lassos. They are excited to be Lassos, and it has been fun to hear their stories and share some of ours.  Most of my time on the LAA board was chairing the scholarship committee. I have enjoyed learning about our Lasso seniors through the application process and pleased we are able to offer scholarships.  The Lassos are a group of very talented young ladies.

Once a Lasso, always a Lasso.

Susan Ruiz

Susan Ruiz
Lasso Alumni Association President
TJHS Class of 1975

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