About the Lasso Alumni Association

The Lassos have reflected the unique heritage of Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio, Texas since 1932. A service, performance and spirit organization, the Lassos continue to make a difference in the lives of young women by developing them as leaders and by encouraging academic excellence.

In the decades since the Lassos’ conception, changing economic conditions, demographics, and income levels in the San Antonio School District contributed to the dwindling of its members from 200 to just 10 girls in 2006.

Realizing the importance of the Lasso experience, concerned alumni founded the TJHS Lasso Alumni Association in 2007. The LAA helps current Lassos understand and appreciate the history of the organization, while fostering personal pride in each of its members. Through the efforts of the LAA, Lasso membership continues to grow.

The TJHS Lasso Alumni Association is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit. Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your donation.

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