Lasso Alumni Activities

Our organization is small, but in the true Lasso tradition of working together for the betterment of the current Lassos and Thomas Jefferson High School, we accomplish a lot.

TJHS Lasso Alumni Association Highlighted Accomplishments for 2023:
  • Published and sold “Lasso Legacy | Then and Now | More than Roping”.
  • Provided new custom belts to the Lassos.
  • Raised $1800 during the Big Give Campaign.
  • Awarded $7500 in scholarships to 3 graduating Lassos.
  • Designed and sold special “Tip of the Hat” Fiesta medal.
  • Presented the Lasso Legacy Book at our Fiesta Fundraiser at Los Barrios. Book sales, medal sales, and raffle generated over $ 4000 in revenue.
  • Celebrated graduating 2023 seniors at a banquet at Milano’s Italian Restaurant. Presented scholarship certificates and LAA 1-year memberships to graduating seniors.
  • Hosted a membership social at Deco Pizza in August.
  • Supported the Little Lasso Clinic with an LAA donation for their fundraiser.
  • Hosted the LAA Cool Crest golf tournament in October and raised over $4000
  • Provided financial aid to Lassos for dance wear.
  • Attended class reunions to further raise awareness of the TJHS LAA and our mission
  • Posted social media posts to keep our membership connected and engaged throughout the year.
  • Distributed Lasso Outpost emails to membership to highlight ongoing activities
  • Assisted with the Chuckwagon event and fundraiser through donations and volunteers
  • Engaged Lariats with rope visits to encourage new Lasso candidates and assisted Lasso applicants in roping training.
  • Assisted in two rope-making clinics to reinstitute this skill among student Lassos.
  • Surprised Lassos with spirit bags and pre-game meal prior to the Highlands game.
  • Continued to increase quantity of both annual memberships and lifetime memberships.

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