Lasso Alumni Activities

Our organization is small, but in the true Lasso tradition of working together for the betterment of the current Lassos and Thomas Jefferson High School, we accomplish a lot.

During 2020, we accomplished the following:
  • Supported the Lassos and accepted their invitation to rope and perform pom routines behind them in the Heritage Parade on February 1, 2020.
  • Continued writing and editing our book, “The Lasso Legacy — Then and Now More than Roping.”  (We’re getting closer to publishing!)
  • Raised $4,540 during the Big Give Campaign with donations from 52 supporters.
  • Held a Membership Social at Deco Pizza to recruit new members and mingle with current members.
  • Increased Lifetime Membership by ~13 percent from 109 in 2019 to 123 in 2020.
  • Participated in the TJHS car parade for graduating seniors.
  • Awarded four academic scholarships to graduating Lassos totaling $6,000.
  • Presented scholarship certificates, LAA one-year membership certificates and Lasso rope pendants to graduating seniors.
  • Gifted graduating seniors with Deco Pizza gift cards in lieu of senior banquet.
  • Surprised Lassos with spirit bags for football games.
  • Supported the Lassos during the District Spirit Assessment and competitions with meals.
  • Encouraged Lariats with rope visits to encourage new Lasso candidates.
  • Assisted in roping training and sold ropes to Lasso applicants.
  • Supported our Lassos by purchasing Monticello yearbook and football program ads.
  • Sold beautiful 2020 Fiesta Medals, even though Fiesta was cancelled in 2020.
  • Membership Chair initiated a phone tree to connect with our members during COVID and update their information.
  • Attended class reunions to further raise awareness of the TJHS LAA and our mission.
  • Provided financial aid to Lassos for uniforms and dance wear.
  • Held monthly board meetings via teleconference due to COVID restrictions.
  • Participated in our first ZOOM meeting with the 2020-2021 Lassos as a team builder and mentoring opportunity.  The Lassos organized this fun virtual gathering!
  • Gathered wonderful raffle prizes for our Pre-Fiesta event which was cancelled due to COVID.
  • Posted numerous successful social media posts to keep our membership connected and engaged throughout the year.
  • Provided two extra big ropes and 1 extra Texas Skip rope to the Lassos.
  • Purchased two mannequins for displaying uniforms in the Lasso Dance Hall.
  • Arranged for spur stops to be added to officer boots, polished boots and replaced boot heels.
  • Revamped the LAA website and updated our newsletter to an online blog titled the “Lasso Roundup.”
  • Arranged and received matching contributions from USAA via USAA Serves to the TJHS Lasso Alumni Association.

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