The Lasso Alumni Association has awarded $68,700 in scholarships to graduating Lasso seniors through school year 2022. Currently, there are three named scholarships. At times benefactors donate funds for an adjunct named scholarship. The LAA also provides unnamed scholarship to other recipients. The LAA holds two major fundraisers each year always leaving the calendar open to smaller, outreach events. We welcome your contributions with deep gratitude.

Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship

Traditionally awarded to the qualified applicant with the highest grade point average, this scholarship honors Constance Douglas Reeves, founder of the Lasso pep squad. She provided the vision for the traditional Lasso uniform and for developing roping skills. Named to the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, she was known for her motto: “Always saddle your own horse.”

Jack Long Scholarship

Traditionally awarded to the qualified applicant who has demonstrated strong community service and exceptional roping skills, this scholarship honors Jack Long, experienced roper who taught the Lassos to rope in the 1930s. For three decades he devoted himself to helping the Lassos develop the roping skills that still set them apart today as a unique pep squad. His daughter, Patsy Long, is a member of the LAA.

JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson  Scholarship

Traditionally awarded to the qualified applicant who demonstrates leadership qualities, this scholarship honors JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson, a founding member of the Lasso Alumni Association. JoAnn was the first lifetime member and treasurer of the LAA. This scholarship was funded by JoAnn’s family beginning in 2017 in her memory. There were five Lassos in the Ehrlich family.

Destiny Ramos – LAA Scholarship Recipient

“I truly thank all the alumni for everything they have done and taught me throughout all my four years of being a Lasso. It was quite an experience that made my life at Thomas Jefferson feel complete, and I will always hold it close to my heart. As I go on and continue my education at Texas State University, I will carry with me the pride and love I have for that high school.”

Selena Casanova, 2010 Roping Team Captain
LAA Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Recipients


  • Sarah Estrada, Constance Douglas Reeves/Jack Long Scholarship
  • Samantha Lopez, Judy Reeves Scholarship
  • Abril Garcia, JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson Scholarship


  • Amber Charles, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Cynthia Ontiveros, Judy Reeves Scholarship
  • Victoria Espinosa, JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson Scholarship


  • Lillian Cura, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Marissa Valdez, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Nickoll Garcia, JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson Scholarship


  • Catherine Alvarado, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Samantha Dominguez, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Skyler Garcia, JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson Scholarship


  • Savannah Moreno, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Neveah Rodriguez, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Ashley Ibarra, Barbara Pierce Nail Scholarship


  • Lexus Gonzales, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Savannah Martinez, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Zarahia Aguilar, JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson Scholarship
  • Ruthabelle Estrada
  • Bianca Martinez
  • Tanya Santamaria


  • Takoda Farias, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • April Ruvalcaba, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Yaileen Soriano, JoAnn Ehrlich Dickinson Scholarship
  • Yamilex Vela
  • Brandi Granado


  • Klarissa Valdez, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Desiree De La Cruz, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Melissa Hernandez
  • Brianna Maravilla
  • Savannah Pullin


  • Destiny Ramos, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Kahlia Langram, Jack Long Scholarship


  • Alyssa Mendoza, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Diana Rodriguez, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Gabriella Leon


  • Angelica Rodriguez, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Megan Kee, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Armanda Casarez
  • Adrienne Cepeda
  • Karen Garzon
  • Alexus Hernandez
  • Leslie Rivas
  • Destiny Urrutia


  • Brittany McInnis, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Melanie Lopez, Jack Long Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Izarrara
  • Laura Montealvo
  • Rochell Puertas


  • Destinee Salas, Constance Douglas Reeves Scholarship
  • Celena Garza, Jack Long Scholarship


  • Selena Casanova
  • Gabrielle Mayes
  • Amanda Orozca
  • April Perez

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