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The Lasso Alumni Association’s annual dues are $40.00 per year for alumni and $25 for non-alumni. Annual dues are for January through December (no proration). We also offer a lifetime membership for $250.00. Dues are tax deductible. We accept memberships or donations via check or PayPal.
Print and complete this application and mail it, along with a check made out to Lasso Alumni Association, to:

Lasso Alumni Association
PO BOX 690184
San Antonio, TX 78269

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Betty Ferguson Barlow—1967
Bette Butler Barnett—1968
Terri Balderrama Booker—1976
Carol Nemky Bordlemay—1973
Diana Valenzuela Chilcutt—1980
Sandy Schoenert Deitchle—1971
Vicki Mcmunn Delgado
Karen (Denise) Ojeda Diaz—1969
Stacye Hansen Dick—1975
Jo Ann Ehrlich Dickinson—1973
Yvonne Luna Donel—1979
Patricia Elkins—1976
Kay H. Haymaker–Elliott
Crystal Foster Fox—1962
June Mckenzie Eubank—1959
Nancy Nemky Froelich—1970
Carolyn Schneider Fuller—1967
Gail Mcdonough Gaines—1949
Theresa Mazuca Garcia—1976
Pam Close Geldmeier—1973
Anna Alonzo Gould—1974
Donna Meriwether Hamner—1955
Debbie Koudelka Hannasch—1976
Thalia Atkinson Heck—1940
Jennifer Hernandez—1989
Liz Macias Herrera—1979
Marion Tolk Hirsch—1960
Debie Ody Holland—1977
Betty Ratliff Humpris—1969
Lisa Farmer Irving—1987


Esther E. Jimenez
Vernell Schwertlich Johnson—1961
Jessie Mathis Kardys—1967
Peggy Nixon Kennedy
Cindy Sauer King—1971
Joe-Beth Kirkpatrick—1971
Rita Molina Lacroix—1984
Patty Perez Larsen—1985
Beverly Davis Levy—1962
Carol Ewing Lutter—1965
Thelma Yeager Lyon—1953
Judy Butler Madden—1962
Marcella Marmor—1972
Lissa Martinez
Marilyn Palmer Mogas—1959
Belinda Molina—1975
Carolee Morgan
Linda Nairn
Bonnie Jones Northcutt—1963
Debbie Oliva—1976
Geneva Patino—1947
Marilyn Pfeiffer—1973
Mimi Middleton Philips—1958
Ruth Garza Pina—1975
Barbara Nilles Poth—1961
Donna Loos Rendon—1984
Carmen Mireles Reyher—1983


Dolores Roel Serna—1967
Susan S. Shannon
Barbie Skenow—1970
Beth Smith—1975
Donna Myers Smylie—1974
Jackson Polly Spencer—1965
Julie Stevens
Judy Murrah Stewart—1965
Patricia Schiefelbein Swahn—1967
Patti Daniel Swenson—1970
Virginia Baragas Toudouze—1981
Valerie Anderson Townsend—1965
Connie York Turner—1969
Elizabeth Molina Turner—1967
Leticia San Miguel Van De Putte—1971
Becky Smith Vitola—1971
Dana Goodwin Ward—1969
Beth Bender Wells—1973
Bonnie Anderson Yablonski—1965
Nancy Graham York—1965
Rebecca Saldana Zamora—1977

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