LAA Celebrates Anniversary of 1939 Good Will & Educational Tour

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May 30, 2020, marks the 81st anniversary of the 1939 Good Will and Educational Tour that took the Lassos on a fabulous 13-day trip to Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Detroit.

The Lassos had tea with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and performed at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. It was one of the many events that put the Lassos in the national spotlight.

We are so fortunate to have as LAA life members — two Lassos who participated in the tour, Dorothy Sultenfuss Hughes and Lucia Dean Wyneken McBrayer, both class of 1941. We are grateful to these women for sharing their stories about the trip and continuing to support the Lassos.

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  • Dianne Bowles Schumacher

    Mother was a Lasso & attended the N.Y.’s World Fair with the Lasso group in 1939. I would love to see more photos of this event. Is this possible?
    Thank you, Dianne Bowles Schumacher
    [email protected]

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