The LAA 2024 Fiesta Medal is here!

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The Lasso Alumni Association (LAA) 2024 Fiesta Medal is here.  This year’s medal features two ropes.  The medal was designed by Joe-Beth Kirkpatrick, LAA Board member.  Joe-Beth describes her thoughts on the medal below.

The Creative Process

Joe-Beth Kirkpatrick, LAA

“Friends and co-workers have heard me say (all too often):  “I have an idea…”

Our current-day Lassos are a talented and athletic bunch whose skills are not to be dismissed. Hold that thought.

I remember showing a photo print of female trick ropers to some of the Lassos a few years ago. One of those photos is of a woman twirling two regular ropes at once. Using my own “baby” rope and regular rope, I demonstrated my circa 1971 version of the trick. A couple of the girls were quite taken with the trick and proceeded to become proficient enough to show off at a couple of their performances. You know how that works – it only LOOKS difficult! I told you they are quite skilled.

I brought that first photo back to my drawing table and plotted out that idea for a version of a new medal. Next, our medal vendor’s artist took that set of sketches and did his magic. We then made a couple of minor art adjustments “et voila!” a fun decoration for anyone’s Fiesta sash!

Announcing the LAA 2024 Fiesta Medal “Swingin’ with Two Ropes” (it really does swing) for your delight.

Hint:  Get two – one for you and one to share!”

Do not hesitate; visit the LAA shop to purchase your medal now. 

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