The 2023 Fiesta Medal is a tip of the hat!

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The Lasso Alumni Association (LAA) 2023 Fiesta Medal is here.  This year’s medal features a tip of the hat.  This year’s medal was designed by Joe-Beth Kirkpatrick, LAA Board Member.  Joe-Beth describes this year’s creative process below.

The Creative Process

Joe-Beth Kirkpatrick, LAA

“Over the past few years seeing so many interesting and eye-catching medal designs, I started a little list of poses our students strike. How to incorporate some of these into a 2 1/2 inch space and still catch and hold a viewer? The LAA has featured the rope on several of the past medals, featured dance steps and our upcoming Legacy book.

But what about *that* hat? And that was IT!  The girls have perfected a touch to the hat brim move as a graceful salute to their audience. Why can’t we salute the broader audience of our own TJHS and Lasso alumni?

After finding a few photos of the girls for reference plus making some sketches and notes, I went to our medal vendor. We first sat and clarified a few things then the medal artist went to work. It only took one proof draft, another couple of tweaks and the final art was ready to send off to the manufacturer.

It’s hard to wait for something so fun!

Early in January, the vendor said the medals were done and ready for delivery. Of course, I ran right over to inspect these little beauties and found them just right.

Our medal Lasso tips her hat to you ALL.

I hope you’ll enjoy this novelty and let it remind you that 2023 is a good year for us all.”

Visit the LAA shop to purchase your medal today.

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