90-Year Lasso Legacy Highlighted on Fiesta Medal

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Linda Grimm

The Lasso Alumni Association (LAA) designed their Fiesta medal to celebrate the Lasso Legacy of 90 years. This year’s medal features a 1932 Lasso casting a rope to a 2022 Lasso. While the uniform has evolved throughout the year, it continues to reflect the style created by Lasso founder Constance Douglas, who formed the Lassos when Jefferson High School first opened in 1932.

This year’s medal was designed by Linda Grimm, LAA board member, and Patsy Long, former LAA board member, who created the artwork. Our Fiesta medal also features the iconic dome of Jefferson High School. Patsy is the daughter of Jack Long, who was recruited by Constance to teach the Lassos the skill of trick roping. Constance had a vision of incorporating roping into the Lasso’s routine, and Jack helped her make it a reality.

Lassos Add a Mascot

Patsy Long

A Jefferson graduate, Jack dedicated more than three decades to teaching various roping techniques to the Lassos, including Patsy, who first became familiar with the group when she became the Lasso mascot.

In a story told in the upcoming “Lasso Legacy” book, as her father was teaching the Lassos roping skills, Patsy played on the gym floor. It was in 1942 that Constance chose Patsy, then age 2, as mascot of the Lassos. Patsy remembers that at the last game of the season, the school presented her with a replica of a Lasso girl made of candy. For a two-year-old, it was quite a gift. Patsy’s mother wanted to get a photo of her with the candy Lasso, but the next morning, Patsy woke up before her mother and ate some of the candy. A great photo opportunity was missed! As Patsy grew up, she watched her father and Constance became lifelong friends.  

The Lasso Legacy is long and strong, and there are many more stories to be told — stay tuned for an announcement on the book launch! For now, we know you will want this medal to be part of your collection as it is rich in tradition and rooted in the history of San Antonio.

Visit the LAA shop to purchase your medal today. Viva Fiesta!

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  • NANCY (MacFadden) Cochran

    I loved being a Lasso during my years at Jeff! I graduated in 1966 and my last year I was the Chaplain of Lassos. I hope to join you at Los Barrios March 24. Go Mustangs!!

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