LAA Board Openings: We Need You!

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As you know, the Lasso Alumni Association (LAA) was formed in 2007 to provide the current Lasso organization with financial support for uniforms, camps and scholarships. We have very hard working and talented former Lassos serving on the LAA Board of Directors, and we’re hoping you will join us in keeping the tradition alive.

We are actively looking for additional members to serve on our board in various capacities. A critical opening we have available is for our treasurer position. Our current treasurer is exiting the board at the end of the year, and this role is extremely important for us to continue the LAA operations. Experience in accounting is a plus, but not mandatory.
Other board openings include:

  • Social Media: Post weekly to our Facebook account and help us grow our Instagram account.
  • Assistant Membership Chair: Help with membership events and campaigns to increase membership
  • Online Newsletter: Write articles for the Lasso Outpost blog; distribute links to articles using MailChimp
  • Assistant Treasurer: Help the Treasure with financial responsibilities.

We ask you to consider serving on our board so we can continue supporting the Lasso organization. Having a successful and active board is the only way we can continue as an organization.

Email Yvonne Donel or Susan Ruiz to learn more about how you can participate. Thank you in advance for considering this important request!

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