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Yvonne Luna Donel became the LAA in 2019. She has volunteered with the board for five years.

Yvonne-Luna-79-80When were you a Lasso?

1977-1979, I was Lasso President my senior year.

Describe your time in Lassos.

Lasso memories are among my most treasured high school memories. I loved everything about Lassos, including being part of a highly honored tradition, supporting school spirit and service to the community. I also loved roping, dancing, marching and making lifelong friends! I was on the Roping Team my junior and senior years, and performed the Texas Skip.

What leadership skills did you learn as a Lasso?

I learned a lot about teamwork, flexibility, discipline, accountability, “practice makes perfect,” setting goals and deadlines.

What are you doing now?

I am currently a Certified Public Accountant and proud employee of USAA for almost 23 years. I’m proud to serve military service members and their families.

How did your Lassos experience prepare you for adulthood?

My Lasso life lessons translate into my professional and personal life in many ways, including teamwork/networking, discipline, flexibility, accountability, and setting goals and deadlines. These tools help me every day. Learning to work as a team and be flexible with alternate solutions when unexpected obstacles arise is priceless.

Yvonne Luna Donel Board PhotoWhat made you want to volunteer with LAA?

I want to see the Lasso legacy continue and thrive as a treasured tradition at Jefferson High School. I loved my time as a Lasso, and I want to ensure that every young woman interested in becoming a Lasso has the opportunity to do so.

Why should Lasso alumni join the LAA or volunteer with the LAA?

I encourage Lasso alumni to join the LAA to help us recruit young women to join the Lassos. Sharing the history and traditions of the Lassos with current Jefferson students helps to instill pride in our school and the Lassos. Our experiences of sisterhood, service and school spirit can also inspire the current generation of young ladies to continue the tradition. The funds we raise through membership dues and events help provide financial aid to the current Lassos for competition fees and outfits, uniform accessories and scholarships for deserving graduating seniors. By doing this, we reduce the pressure on Lasso families that might otherwise struggle to provide for these expenses.

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